The Allison Inn & Spa New Website

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The Allison Inn and Spa Newberg, Oregon

The Allison Inn and Spa is located in the stunning Willamette Valley wine country in Newberg, Oregon. The resort features 77 luxury guestrooms and 8 suites on four levels, a 15,000 square foot spa facility, and gourmet wine country dining at JORY restaurant & Bar. Located among rolling green hills and vibrant vineyards, the Allison Inn and Spa is a beautiful resort situated in an area perfect for hiking, biking, and of course, wine tasting.

Connected Hospitality spent 6 months studying, designing, and implementing a mobile-SEO first design for The Allison. We began the project with a simple wire frame and implementation of strategic SEO. By studying what keywords the resort wanted to rank for, we were able to implement these SEO keywords in our original wire-frame early on and tune them throughout the web design process. One of our primary goals for the design of this hotel website was to began the process with SEO. Our design started from the beginning with an “SEO First” stratefy in mind.

One of the biggest challenges our company faced was the concept of how to incorporate five different departments of the resort into one cohesive resort website while still allowing each department to have their own identity. In order to satisfy this need we essentially created five different websites that are incorporated seamlessly as a whole. Each section of the website “RESORT” “ACCOMMODATIONS” “JORY RESTAURANT” “THE SPA” “MEETINGS AND EVENTS” has their own contextual menu. Contextual menus allow a user to make a decision about what part of the website they want to visit, and then the menu only displays the associated pages for that section. This menu system keeps things simple and easy to use for visitors to the website.

The biggest goal we had when designing the new website for The Allison Inn and Spa was to create a website where users could easily navigate, read, and view content on any type of device whether it be a phone, iPad, or desktop. The new website satisfies this need in a simple but elegant manner. The website was a challenge for us but we are very happy to have been given the opportunity to design and implement this new modern website.