There are many times when we sit down to design a new hotel website, where we simply layout the array of photographs and ask ourselves, “What is the best way of displaying this gallery?” At the core of a great hotel website is the capacity for the structure to disappear and for the media to become dominant. At Connected Hospitality, we are media specialists, and we utilize the very finest photography, video, and editing equipment in our productions.


There are three aspects of good hotel photography. The first is photographing rooms. The selection of lenses, lighting, and props are all essential to a proper photograph. The second aspect of photography is photographing the hotel’s lobby, restaurant, front desk and grounds. Its very important that photographs of the hotel have people in them. Even if you have to beg the staff to be in the photos, having people in the photographs will make your hotel look alive and fun. Finally, photos of the area where the hotel is located are an essential ingredient in the look and feel of your website. Outdoor photographs fall into the category of “landscape photography” and require patience to catch the early morning sunlight or perhaps the perfect sunset.


Websites are quickly pivoting to being video intensive. Its substantially easier to watch a 30 second video than to read a page of 500 words. If your videos are constructed correctly, they are the most compelling asset that a hotel has for attracting customers.

When your videos are published and SEO tuned correctly, they contribute more to good search ranking than any other aspect of your website. If you find yourself asking the question, “How do I increase my search ranking?” The answer is simple…Video.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a broad term that encompasses page layout, logo design, animation sequences, color selection, and topography. At Connected Hospitality, we take great pride in being designers, and we are constantly studying the designs of others and innovating new designs of our own.