You film your project
(You film the project we produce the video and the on-line marketing campaign.)

Wouldn’t it be great if the perfect marketing video would magically appear for few hundred dollars of production costs? This is not a misconception that we see just once in a while, but seems to be the normal perspective. Our culture is so accustom to high-end video production that we simply take it for granted. The truth is that professional video production is time consuming and often very expensive. At this moment we need to avoid the dismal conclusion that good video production is cost prohibitive and instead look for new technologies to offer low-cost inroads. Recent developments in HD camcorders and cloud-based services like Dropbox are revolutionizing the way we look at video production. The latest generation of HD camcorders record video at an astounding quality and moving videos files around the internet is as simple as dragging the video into a folder.

At Connected Hospitality we give our clients the choice of our team filming the project or we help our clients understand how to capture professional quality videos with their HD camcorder and then transfer the files to us on Dropbox. From here we take over and edit the video, combine the clips, balance the audio, add beautiful music, titles, trailers, compress the video, publish the video to YouTube, SEO optimize the video, place the video in a PPV ad and help you use the video in blogs and other social media channels.

Included Services:

  • We help get you setup
  • We teach you how to use your video camcorder
  • We teach you how to film the event / scenes
  • We teach you how to send us the video clips on Dropbox
  • We edit the video scenes
  • We add music and balance the audio
  • We add titles and trailers
  • We compress the video and publish it to YouTube
  • We create the Video PPV ads and SEO the ad
  • We work with your team to create video blogs and video posts to Facebook