Introducing Presidio Lodging

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Presidio Lodging New Website Release By Connected Hospitality

Nearly two years in the making, Connected Hospitality is proud to announce its release of Presidio Lodging. This new website features the Presidio’s two hotels, Inn at the Presidio and the brand new, Lodge at the Presidio.

One of the biggest challenges that Connected Hospitality had to overcome was how to feature both hotels in a concise and well-thought menu architecture. Connected Hospitality came to a conclusion that a folder-over menu design was the best architecture for this multi-faceted website. Visitors to Presidio Lodging can click to see the menu system and then have an option of going directly to either hotel.

The new website is complemented with crisp new fonts and beautiful photography which ties the clean, elegant, modern design together. We hope the website will inspire visitors to explore the Presidio of San Francisco and stay at either one of these beautifully restored, historic hotels.

The Connected Hospitality Team