Waterford Hotels & Inns New Website

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Waterford Hotels and Inns New WebsiteConnected Hospitality is pleased to announce the release of the new WaterfordHI.com website. Waterford Hotels and Inns is a boutique, independent hotel management and consulting company in Northern California. Waterford’s clients include some of the most stunning properties in California.

In May of 2015, the team at Waterford consulted with Connected Hospitality about a new website design that would allow the spectacular diversity of their hotels to come to life. The second requirement was a simple design that could be maintained and upgraded by the WaterfordHI team… of course this can only mean one thing (WordPress). The final requirement was that the website had to flawlessly deliver full page photographs to phones, tablets, and an array of desktop browsers.

The design of the website focused on the full page display of the hotel photographs, but also on elegant fonts, simplicity of navigation and a color palette that allows the textures of wood and leather to stand out. The website utilizes JavaScript queries to load small compressed images for the phone and large high-resolution photos for the desktop.

The final word about the new website was sent over from Michael Hraba, “I am pretty sure this is the world’s best management company site.”