The website sits at the very core of your hospitality business. Your customers gauge your business based on the presentation of your website. At times it would be a fantastic luxury to be able to design extremely contemporary websites with new unproven navigation techniques, but the hospitality industry is often trying to appeal to markets ranging from young-adults through senior travelers. The layout of website pages needs to be simple and easy to understand and the navigation transparent and usable with finger-based gestures.

A website needs to be accessible to desktops, tablets and phones. When images or videos are displayed the website must delivered the appropriate content for the device…. a phone only requires a small video or image… where a beautiful high resolution retina display needs full color depth and large HD videos.

Our team at Connected Hospitality enjoys delivering websites in CMS systems that are open source and that enable our clients to participate in the running of their own website. We always consult with our clients before selecting the final website platform so that we can match technology to client needs and requirements.

Finally, our clients own their website and their assets.